Work in Progress Print Challenge

PinExt Work in Progress Print Challenge
jovoto Work in progress Work in Progress Print Challenge

Jovoto new design challenge | Work in Progress

The next design challenge has launched over at, where designers like you have the opportunity to win up to €5,000! Read on to find out more.


Work in Progress is the second textile design brief in the Textile Orbit, a carefully curated group of the best textile and pattern designers on The designers in the Textile Orbit have the opportunity to access this challenge, along with other ongoing exciting textile design challenges.

Design Challenge

The intense smell of the ink is still in the air. Your pencil has just softly touched the paper. Your work is not yet finished, it’s still in progress; that special moment right before your artwork is completed. You can already imagine your final design…it’s almost there!

This is a creative invitation to all textile designers to leave your work in an aesthetically unfinished, incomplete state. Your work in progress is the final result. You are encouraged to leave space in your artwork so it looks perfectly unfinished, even though it’s nearing completion. Your design can combine hand-drawn elements with illustrated details and color highlights. Combine digital elements with sketches. Mash up botanical layers with floral arrangements. Your random splash of color is the DNA that keeps the design interesting and enchanting.


This is a calling to all designers who have inspiring ideas for pattern design. The best designs submitted on jovoto will be chosen and presented to select international fashion brands by the client, who is a renowned textile supplier. In addition to winning up to €5,000 in community awards, a huge opportunity awaits, to be licensed by a large fashion brand. For every licensed design, you will be paid €100 for the initial design and an additional €0.20 in royalties for each meter if printed. The amount purchased can be up to 20,000 meters per design.

Show us your best works in progress by entering here!

Edible Art | The Biscuit Project

PinExt Edible Art | The Biscuit Project

thebiscuitproject1 590x787 Edible Art | The Biscuit Project

Recently stumbled on the gorgeous and edible Biscuit Project by the dynamic duo Matt Lain and Toni Caroline! Using a very streamlined color palette, photographer Lain and stylist Caroline, collaborated to bring us this visual treat. It’s impressive how simply altering the color of an everyday object like the biscuit can create such a work of art!

Julie Rose

thebiscuitproject5 590x443 Edible Art | The Biscuit Project

thebiscuitproject2 590x787 Edible Art | The Biscuit Project

thebiscuitproject3 590x787 Edible Art | The Biscuit Project

thebiscuitproject4 590x443 Edible Art | The Biscuit Project


Color | Sapphire Flight

PinExt Color | Sapphire Flight

post 590x671 Color | Sapphire Flight

Christian DiorThomas Tait | Wikipedia

A kaleidoscope of soaring colors bring an update to 70s oranges.

Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

PinExt Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala
aaa Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

Atelier Kikala Pre-Fall 2015


detailskirt Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

detail1 Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

AK5 Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

AK3 Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

vg3 Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

Vincent van Gogh’s Olive Trees in a Mountainous Landscape, 1889

vgcypress Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

Road with Cypress and Star, 1890

detail Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

Detail of Landscape From Saint-Remy, 1890

detailvg Pattern Report | Atelier Kikala

Detail of Wheatfield with Crow, 1890

Although nature is cited as the inspiration behind Atelier Kikala’s Pre-Fall 2015, its easy to also see bits of Van Gogh’s Post-Impressonistic landscapes in the collection’s vibrant embroidery. What a masterpiece!

-mollye pooton

A stitch in time…

PinExt A stitch in time...

9 Izziyana Suhaimi Closed Buttonhole Stitch 590x871 A stitch in time... 7 Izziyana Suhaimi Cloud Filling 590x887 A stitch in time...

Intrigued by the stitchwork of Izziyana Suhaimi that I found  here today, I began to wonder how we could incorporate actual stitches into our pattern creations. Food for thought!

-Claudia Brown


2 Izziyana Suhaimi Brighton Stitch 590x887 A stitch in time... Izziyana Suhaimi A disquiet detail 590x791 A stitch in time... suhaimi 12 590x590 A stitch in time...


Izziyana Suhaimi looms bones 6 1500px wide 590x777 A stitch in time...

Izziyana Suhaimi looms bones 4 1500px wide 590x750 A stitch in time...

Trend Story | Gothic Garden

PinExt Trend Story | Gothic Garden
pattern people trends gothic garden Trend Story | Gothic Garden

pinterest | Ellie Cashman | Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes | Pattern People | Carolina Herrera

Dark, moody florals, akin to the Dutch Masters, are getting us in the mood for winter. Set out a bouquet of flowers and let them wilt in the heat for design inspiration. Speaking of which, have you seen the work of Ori Gersht? Amazing!

If the heat is cramping your design style, then check out our new stock prints available here.

pattern people trends gothic garden stock prints Trend Story | Gothic Garden

Interiors | Snedker Studio

PinExt Interiors | Snedker Studio

snedker1 590x393 Interiors | Snedker Studio

Loving the recent work of Snedker Studio! The design studio, based in Copenhagen, features the art of the talented Pernille Snedker Hansen.  Inspired by traditional craft techniques, Hansen transforms interiors into intricate works of art.  “Created one drop at the time and resembling tree growth rings, Pernille’s technique responds to naturally occurring patterns.” For a look into this amazing process there’s a great video on the Snedker website and it’s definitely worth a watch.  In addition to the amazing wood paneling, the Snedker online boutique is filled with one of a kind acrylics on watercolor paper that are the perfect art addition to any home.

Julie Rose

snedker2 590x393 Interiors | Snedker Studio

snedker3 590x650 Interiors | Snedker Studio

snedker5 590x429 Interiors | Snedker Studio


snedker6 590x393 Interiors | Snedker Studio

snedker61 590x288 Interiors | Snedker Studio

snedker7 590x288 Interiors | Snedker Studio

Snedker Studio


Color | Passin’ Through

PinExt Color | Passin Through

denim 590x671 Color | Passin Through


Sarah KelkAndi Galdi Vinko | Rachel Comey | Tassia Bianchini

Keep things moving with denim blues with dusty pink hues.

Pattern Report | Big, Bold Stripes

PinExt Pattern Report | Big, Bold Stripes

Why mess with a classic pattern? These bold, blocked stripes feel 70s modern.

– bekah hilleson

Art | Cecily Brown

PinExt Art | Cecily Brown

cecilybrown 4 590x438 Art | Cecily Brown

Art world darling Cecily Brown weaves sexual imagery with a sort of abstract expressionism that is mesmerizing.  Check out this interview with her in Vulture.

-Claudia Brown

cecilybrown 3 590x446 Art | Cecily Brown cecilybrown 2 590x645 Art | Cecily Brown cecilybrown 1 590x490 Art | Cecily Brown