Edible Art | Holiday Eats


Whether it’s cherry, apple, pumpkin, or yam, it’s hard to resist such gorgeously designed pies. Hope your holiday was pie filled!

Julie Rose





Becky Sue | Kitchen Heals Soul | Kristen Smith | Baker In Disguise | Betty Liu


Pattern Report | Alexander McQueen




Floral prints, cascading locks, and lace aplenty! Alexander McQueen Spring 2016 RTW would have made John William Waterhouse proud.

-mollye pooton

Arts & Culture | Melting Rugs

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 enjoys traveling, to other places, or in his mind using mediation or visualization practices. His deconstructions of traditional Azerbejani rugs seem to be a form of time travel. More precisely, a sort of time travel donut, where ancient meets digital, and slides, oozes or pixellates according to the rules of Photoshop. These pieces feel like a perfect illustration of what many of us surface designers do every day–bring old textile traditions into the modern world, giving people a taste of times past but with a wink and nod from the present.

-Claudia Brown

Mostra alla Galleria di Montoro

Mostra alla Galleria di Montoro

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Nikki Strange

Nikki Strange

Nikki Strange

With a dash of glitter and a splash of paint, designer, Nikki Strange, brings her print designs to life. Since graduating from university in 2012, Strange has honed her style via freelancing and textile competitions, gaining key industry experience. You may recognize her work from frequent re-pinnings on pinterest. Since the launch of her own eponymous accessories label, Strange’s star is rising. You can now find her product at the Astrolounge at Selfridges, as well as online via society6.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Nikki Strange

Nikki Strange

Nikki Strange

Nikki Strange

Edible Art | Otami



More gorgeous edible goodness from Alana Jones-Mann! For this piece the cake artist turned her focus to the intricate and colorful world of Otami embroidery and the result is amazing – almost too good looking to eat.

Julie Rose



Color | Electric Bliss


Léa MaupetitIssaKati Gegenheimer | Leila Jeffreys

Pretty pastels with a shock of lime green.

Pattern Report | Big Red

Avtandil | Delpozo | background: Giulietta

Avtandil | Delpozo | background: Giulietta

Strong red blocking makes these runway looks half comic book, half Indy 500 racing.

_bekah hilleson

Profile | Jacqueline Colley

Jacqueline Colley | British Birdds

Jacqueline Colley | British Birds

Jacqueline Colley | Heals Discover

Jacqueline Colley | Kingfisher for Heals Discover

Jacqueline Colley specializes in designing prints inspired by nature and its ecosystems. Her intricate patterns capture habitats of birds and other wildlife from the Amazon to the thickets of Britain. As a finalist for the Heals Discover competition, Jacqueline’s Kingfisher print is now available in the form of tea towels and fabric by the metre. Jacqueline lives in East London and designs for companies such as Oasis, as well as H & M. She can also be found teaching textile design at the V & A. Pick up a notebook or pencil case via her online shop or view more of her patterns here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Jacqueline Colley | Studio

Jacqueline Colley | Studio

Jacqueline Colley | Swoon Editions

Jacqueline Colley | Swoon Editions

Edible Art | Rainbow Unicorn S’mores


When referring to her colorful creations as “rainbow unicorn tie dye s’mores“, founder and editor of Studio DIY Kelly Mindell, seems to have hit the nail on the head! It’s hard not to be mesmerized by the swirling textures and frankly delicious appeal of this DIY idea. So if you’re looking for something edible, patterned and fun to do with your weekend, this just might be the project for you!

Julie Rose






Jeff Mindell

Color | Looking Glass


Samuel ZellerMatt Waples | Alexander McQueen

Curiouser and curiouser.

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