Pattern Report | Simple Geometry

PinExt Pattern Report | Simple Geometry

These large-scale geometric angles are color blocked to perfection.

- bekah hilleson

Aussie Fashion Week | Alice McCall

PinExt Aussie Fashion Week | Alice McCall


alice mccall1 Aussie Fashion Week | Alice McCall

The prints in Alice McCall’s Spring 14/15 Collection have a very market ready feel, with influences from Mary Katrantzou’s infamous Spring 2011 Collection. Surreal photographic landscapes and symmetrical repeats have been popping up on runways and in stores but the trend still has room to grow. The girly theme of pink phones, ribbons, lips, and hearts takes on a unique feel with the photographic technique creating a playful and edgy look that could be the start of a new trend.

– Claudia Brown

alice mccall 2 Aussie Fashion Week | Alice McCall


Aussie Fashion Week | Haryono Setiadi

PinExt Aussie Fashion Week | Haryono Setiadi

Haryano Setiadi SP15 AussieFashionWeek6 Aussie Fashion Week | Haryono Setiadi

One of our favorite surface design treatments from Aussie Fashion week came from Haryono Setiadi. We loved the brilliant colors merging together like a sunset on Mars, and happy to see the dip dye trend continuing!

-Claudia Brown

Interiors | Pillow Talk

PinExt Interiors | Pillow Talk

It seems like these days the throw pillow craze has reached new heights. No longer are we looking for our couch decorations just to blend in and stay still, we have begun to ask our couch art to positively pulse with creativity. And that’s where artists like Tyler Spangler step in. His collection of vibrant and color flooded art prints are available as throw pillows on Society 6, in case your couch is looking a bit plain.

Julie Rose

Color | Iridescent Melt

PinExt Color | Iridescent Melt

melt Color | Iridescent Melt

Dominique Gaucher | Federico Kenis | Veronique Branquinho

Sparkle and shine.

Pattern Report | Big Cat Love

PinExt Pattern Report | Big Cat Love

Leopard prints cover every surface of these looks for summer 2014.

- bekah hilleson

Art | Shattered View

PinExt Art | Shattered View

bing 1 Art | Shattered Viewbing 2 Art | Shattered Viewbing 3 Art | Shattered View

via here.

Photos of sunsets take on a new life when reflected through broken mirror in this series, Broken Mirror/Evening Sky by photographer Bing Wright. For us print designers, fracturing old standards like rose prints or tropicals can bring a fresh look to your design while still referencing the classic standby.

-Claudia Brown

bing 4 Art | Shattered Viewbing 8 Art | Shattered View

Profile | Amelia Graham

PinExt Profile | Amelia Graham

profile pattern people amelia graham 1 Profile | Amelia Graham

Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art, London based surface designer, Amelia Graham, has had the pleasure of designing prints for clients such as Calvin Klein, H&M, Paul & Joe, Diane von Furstenberg and Topshop. As a regular contributor to Pattern People, we’re always excited to see her beautiful prints. She’s been kind enough to share a few of her newest patterns here, in addition to answering some questions about her process. To see more of her work, take a look at our previous post on her here or at, shop for her products at, or simply follow her inspiration at pinterest or on instagram.

profile pattern people amelia graham 4 Profile | Amelia Graham

Where do you look for inspiration?

Architecture, art, science, and nature.

What tools do you find most helpful when designing?

Photoshop and illustrator are invaluable as are a digital camera and a Wacom tablet.

Any design tips you’d like to share?

Authenticity resonates in good design. Borrowing or aping others seems to impart a veneer of disingenuity that is usually brutally apparent.

What’s your favorite type of print to design and why?

Geometrics. I’m naturally inclined to geometry in the arts. Modernism appeals to me far more than ornamentalism so my hand lends itself to that above any other genres.

If you could design a print to go on anything, what would you choose?

The interior of a modern house.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Want to have your work featured? Send us a short bio along with a few image samples to submit at

profile pattern people amelia graham 3 Profile | Amelia Graham

profile pattern people amelia graham 21 Profile | Amelia Graham

new print designs by Amelia Graham

Interiors | Tropical Getaway

PinExt Interiors | Tropical Getaway
JRD PP blogpost 1.4.14 bigimage Interiors | Tropical Getaway

The Fashion Co | Beverly Hills Wallpaper | Style Logistics | Tatty Devine | Temple and Webster | Harpers Bazaar |
Cole and Son

An upcoming weekend getaway to Waikiki has inspired me to ogle some beautiful tropical interiors. Palm fronds, bold colors and wild flowers give this look its island flair.

– Julie Rose


Color | Spring Blush

PinExt Color | Spring Blush
color pattern people spring blush Color | Spring Blush

Liberty | The Souvenir Society | via tumblr | Jonathan Saunders

The blush of spring arises from winter.

pixel Color | Spring Blush