Art | Male Quilting

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joe lotterson 590x465 Art | Male Quilting

Joel Otterson


joe cunningham2 590x613 Art | Male Quilting

Joe Cunningham

joe cunningham 590x616 Art | Male Quilting

Joe Cunningham

Did you know about this new trend of dude quilting? It’s happening all over the place, and this new show at the Craft & Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles is a showcase of some contemporary artist dudes that use quilting as a medium or as inspiration. In the case of Joel Otterson, he made a quilt-looking piece out of concrete and ceramics. Others, like Joe Cunningham and Jimmy McBride use the traditional medium to create some interesting new compositions. I am especially drawn to McBride’s paint-by-numbers looking quilts that take inspiration from space, topographic photography and cosmology. Check it out here to see who else is in the show (we only covered our favorites.)

-Claudia Brown
jimmy mcbride3 590x594 Art | Male Quilting


Jimmy McBride

jimmy mcbride7 Art | Male Quilting

Jimmy McBride

jimmy mcbride8 590x443 Art | Male Quilting

Jimmy McBride (detail shot)

jimmy mcbride1 590x527 Art | Male Quilting

Jimmy McBride

jimmy mcbride2 590x443 Art | Male QuiltingJimmy McBride (detail shot)

Mansi Shah

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Profile Mansi Shah 11 Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah

New York City based surface design studio, Mansi Shah, cite the “alchemy of image-making” as its driving force, creating signature prints and products found on silk scarves and iphone cases. Playing with composition and texture, Mansi Shah balances bold brush strokes and line work in the prints with a nod to the 1980s. Cobalt blue, ruby red, emerald green, and midnight black burst from the designs to form an energetic yet elegant collection.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Profile Mansi Shah 21 Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah

Profile Mansi Shah 3 Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah

Interiors | Kate and Kate

PinExt Interiors | Kate and Kate

katekate 2 590x400 Interiors | Kate and Kate

katekate 1 590x360 Interiors | Kate and Kate

Delighted by these patterned blankets from Kate & Kate!

Julie Rose

katekate 3 590x400 Interiors | Kate and Kate

katekate 5 590x400 Interiors | Kate and Kate

katekate 4 590x400 Interiors | Kate and Kate

Kate & Kate | Brooke Holm


Color | Dreamscape

PinExt Color | Dreamscape
color mixed ideas 590x864 Color | Dreamscape


Dreams of dark moody florals and crinkled shine.

Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Argyle

PinExt Pattern Report | Argyle

Bold argyle gives for a part preppy, part mad tea party vibe.

– bekah hilleson

PRE-FALL 15 | Wild Kingdom

PinExt PRE FALL 15 | Wild Kingdom
15PREFALL ANIMALPRINT 590x900 PRE FALL 15 | Wild Kingdom

Sonia Rykiel | Versace | Antonio Maras | Altazurra | Diane Von Furstenberg | Opening Ceremony


There wasn’t a whole lot new in the print world on the Pre-Fall 15 Runway shows but we did notice some bold and bright animal prints that stood out. Versace mixed cheetah print with plaids and other geos, while Diane Von Furstenberg showed an almost floral and very oversized version. Both Sonia Rykiel and Opening Ceremony used black with electric blue and pink accents. We also loved the repeat on Altazurra’s wild pattern. Antonio Maras did some more print mixing using blur techniques that were interesting.

-Claudia Brown

Profile | Georgia Bocchetta

PinExt Profile | Georgia Bocchetta
profile georgia bocchetta 1 Profile | Georgia Bocchetta

Georgia Bocchetta

Inspired by Surrealism, Georgia Bocchetta paints, draws, and collages her prints together by hand before scanning and digitally manipulating them further. Her one-off pieces of clothing and scarves, printed on luxury cashmere and silk in Italy, boast bold color palettes and rich textures which can be interpreted as wearable art. Bocchetta exhibited her collection at the New Designers One Year On show in London last year to rave reviews. Check out her work here and here, and stay tuned for a brand new site soon.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile georgia bocchetta 2 Profile | Georgia Bocchetta

Georgia Bocchetta

profile georgia bocchetta 3 Profile | Georgia Bocchetta

Georgia Bocchetta

Interiors | Inspired Florals

PinExt Interiors | Inspired Florals

3 590x889 Interiors | Inspired Florals

2 590x885 Interiors | Inspired Florals

JUCO’s photo shoot for New York Magazine’s the Cut, is pure floral inspiration. Shot at the beautiful Greenbrier hotel in West Virgina, the bold florals leave one longing to be surrounded by extravagant efflorescent walls.

Julie Rose

1 590x886 Interiors | Inspired Florals

4 590x842 Interiors | Inspired Florals

Color | Bright Shapes

PinExt Color | Bright Shapes
color bright 590x851 Color | Bright Shapes

Emmy Rickard | JUCO


Bold stripes and geo shapes create a fun and bright palette.

Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Bandana-rama

PinExt Pattern Report | Bandana rama

Get out that bandana and tie it old school! Or just pop it in your hair as an Americana accessory. I like how MM6 is playing with patchworking, which continues to be a huge trend this year. Yeehaw!

– bekah hilleson