Interiors | Insiyah Shahpurwalla

PinExt Interiors | Insiyah Shahpurwalla

Insiyah Shahpurwalla2 Interiors | Insiyah Shahpurwalla

Excited about this vibrant collection from Mumbai, India based textile designer, Insiyah Shahpurwalla.

Julie Rose

Insiyah Shahpurwalla11 Interiors | Insiyah Shahpurwalla

Insiyah Shahpurwalla4 Interiors | Insiyah Shahpurwalla

ad0efff0a10de389a849f70e5edebfb2 Interiors | Insiyah Shahpurwalla

Color | Mix

PinExt Color | Mix
color colormixb Color | Mix

Dealtry + Wiksten | Tumblr | Elza Sunderland | Escada

Randomly mixed together coordinating blues.

Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Birds of a Feather

PinExt Pattern Report | Birds of a Feather

Whether you’re hanging with Toucan Sam or “doing the bird” you’ll be in style for 2015. Thinking about brightly colored birds takes me out of my midwinter depression and into a much warmer climate. Think spring!

– bekah hilleson

Japanese Geo

PinExt Japanese Geo

japanese ikat preview Japanese Geo

Inspired by Japanese fabric design, this print can add some bold geometry to your desktop or anything else you might fancy.

Each of our downloadable files is built as a pattern swatch and is available as a repeatable jpeg.

Note: Pattern People’s free downloads are for personal use only. Please contact us to obtain permission for commercial use. High resolution files are provided with paid commercial use.


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Download Iphone 5 Wallpaper

Profile | Eliska

PinExt Profile | Eliska

profile eliska 2 Profile | Eliska

French designer, Elie Laucher (aka Eliska), is a self-proclaimed pattern lover. Obsessed with repeats, Laucher spends her days designing and forecasting trends for companies like Asos and Topshop. In her off time, she keeps herself busy with self-initiated projects inspired by dark fairy tales, black magic, and Eastern culture. View more of her work here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile eliska 1 Profile | Eliska

profile eliska 3 Profile | Eliska

all prints by Eliska

Interiors | Bold Fruits

PinExt Interiors | Bold Fruits

bouffantsbrokenhearts Interiors | Bold Fruits

Nothing like these cheerful fruit prints from Bouffants and Broken Hearts to really spruce a place up!

Julie Rose

Color | Sacred Geometry

PinExt Color | Sacred Geometry
color sacredgeometry 1 Color | Sacred Geometry

Tumblr | Bouffants and Broken Hearts | Artful Home

Muted grey and warm pink.

– Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Midnight Metal

PinExt Pattern Report | Midnight Metal

Party it up for New Year’s Eve with an iridescent glow!

– bekah hilleson

2014 Print Trends in Review

PinExt 2014 Print Trends in Review

With 2014 coming to a close, we take a moment to look back at the top three print trends from the past year.

First up, the evolution of the paper cut out gained even more traction as a retrospective on Matisse encouraged new techniques.

matisse cutouts moma 1 2014 Print Trends in ReviewPrint 80s collage 2014 Print Trends in Review


Meanwhile, we escaped to the tropics as large leaves dominated the botanical world giving florals a run for their money.

studio peek pattern people jungle SP161 2014 Print Trends in Reviewjungle leaf preview 2014 Print Trends in Review

And finally, we couldn’t get enough of the optical craze as seen by its cross-over into other print directions – from tribal looks to updated stripes.

pattern people AW14 Men Print Trends Milan 4 2014 Print Trends in Review

SP15 TRENDS STARKGEOMETRY1 2014 Print Trends in Review

Thanks for your continued support and here’s to another year of patterns!

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Interiors | Lined View

PinExt Interiors | Lined View

RoomWithaLinedView2014 2 Interiors | Lined View RoomWithaLinedView2014 3 Interiors | Lined View

Amazing line inspiration in Sara Plantefeve-Castryck’s exhibition “Room With a Lined View“.

Julie Rose