Edible Art | Food Gradients

PinExt Edible Art | Food Gradients

wrightkitchen6 590x590 Edible Art | Food Gradients

There’s nothing like a collection of rainbow gradients to really cheer a Friday up! And thanks to Seattle based photographer Brittany Wright, the stars of these photos are edible! Wright, of Wright Kitchen, loves food and states that she’s working on her life goal of teaching herself to cook “everything and anything”. The artist says that she sees “food as an art, and an opportunity to do something creative.” For a closer look into her process, Wright’s Instagram account is filled with gorgeous photos of edible treats and fun moments from her daily life.

Julie Rose

wrightkitchen7 590x590 Edible Art | Food Gradients

wrightkitchen10 590x587 Edible Art | Food Gradients

wrightkitchen4 590x590 Edible Art | Food Gradients

wrightkitchen2 590x536 Edible Art | Food Gradients

Wright Kitchen



Color | Romance

PinExt Color | Romance

romance1 590x671 Color | Romance

Tibi | TJ Tambellini | Cushnie et Ochs | Rosie Assoulin | Foxtail and Moss

Soft and moody shades of the heart.

Barcode Deluxe Design Challenge

PinExt Barcode Deluxe Design Challenge

pattern people textile orbit barcode deluxe Barcode Deluxe Design Challenge

It’s already time for a new challenge over at the Textile Orbit. Read on to find out more…

The third challenge in the Textile Orbit!

Barcode Deluxe” is the third textile design brief for the Textile Orbit, a carefully curated group of the best textile and pattern designers on the jovoto platform. The designers in the Textile Orbit have the opportunity to access this and other exciting textile design challenges each month.

Introduction – Barcode Deluxe

Toothpaste, pedestrian crossing or barcode deluxe? We wonder if Coco Chanel was aware what a fashion craze she started by developing a collection based on the original nautical striped Breton shirt back in the 1920s. Stripes still rule in the world of fashion and the current trends show no sign of letting up.

Surprise us with your very own interpretation of the classic stripe! Create extraordinary, new variations of stripes and mix them up with exciting new elements. Artificial-looking stripes on top of large-scale flowers and bright colors could be key to the look. Dynamic, expressive hand-painted brushstrokes create a vibrant art-house feel that could update eclectic patterns. Experiment with contrasts, structures, scanned elements and techniques. Don’t be afraid of complexity! Out-of-place stripes on large-scale digital images are just one of the various options this theme offers. Go further in your interpretation by using digital interventions or random glitches to transport your print into your own futuristic realms.

The task

Create a pattern for the fashion industry’s most recognized brands to be used in their current and upcoming collections. Define and interpret the theme “Barcode Deluxe” with your very own stripe creations.

Your chance

This is a calling to all designers who have inspiring ideas for pattern design. The best designs submitted on jovoto will be chosen and presented to select international fashion brands by the client, who is a renowned textile supplier. In addition to winning up to €5,000 in community awards, a huge opportunity awaits, to be licensed by a large fashion brand. For every licensed design, you will be paid €100 for the initial design and an additional €0.20 in royalties for each meter if printed. The amount purchased can be up to 20,000 meters per design.

Textile Orbit is free of charge and you can apply to join here.

Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

PinExt Pattern Report | Palson Kifot
PK Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

Palson Kifot Spring 2016

PK21 Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

PK3 Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

PK41 Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

yayoi3 Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

Yayoi Kusama’s Dots Obsession

yayoi Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

Yayoi Kusama’s Polka Dots Madness

Yayoi7 Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

Yayoi Kusama’s The Obliteration Room

yayoi8 Pattern Report | Palson Kifot

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinite Obsession


Palson Kifot designer Anna Bondarenko cited classical music as the inspiration behind the label’s polka dot infused collection. Perhaps artist Yayoi Kusama‘s installations could have also served as muse.

-mollye pooton

Art | Technicolor Landscapes by Grant Haffner

PinExt Art | Technicolor Landscapes by Grant Haffner

haffner 4 590x591 Art | Technicolor Landscapes by Grant Haffner

via here.

Brushy expressionist strokes combine with landscape painting for a hallucinatory experience. The use of color is amazing here and inspirational for print. Why not combine some neon brushstrokes with floral, conversational or geometric elements?

-Claudia Brown




haffner 3 590x597 Art | Technicolor Landscapes by Grant Haffner haffner 1 590x591 Art | Technicolor Landscapes by Grant Haffner

Romi Cali | Pool Party

PinExt Romi Cali | Pool Party
patternpeople poolparty 1 Romi Cali | Pool Party

romi cali | pool party

Icing may have been the theme of romi cali’s first winter collection, but things are heating up for the new season. For the second collection titled, Pool Party, hand drawn prints feature prominently on sarongs in colors ranging from aquatic blue to sunshine. These 100% cotton voile textiles are available as numbered, limited edition pieces. We caught up with the talented ladies behind the scenes who kindly answered a few questions for us.

Who is romi cali ?

romi cali is a graphic design studio based in Lyon, France. It was initially founded by Rosalie Wagner (graphic and type designer) & Camille Boileau ( graphic designer specializing in image editing) and recently joined by Margaux Nicaise (textile designer). romi cali publishes books and creates fashion accessories signed MC (a close collaboration between Margaux Nicaise & Camille Boileau). Pool Party is the second collection signed MC (SS15).

patternpeople poolparty 2 Romi Cali | Pool Party

romi cali | pool party

How did you start in textile design?

MC – We met at the beginning of our studies in graphic design. Margaux decided to continue in textile design, and Camille in graphic design. During our studies, we shared our inspirations and creative ideas. A short time after our graduation, we decided to launch our first collection signed MC: a limited edition collection of silk squares made in France (Icing AW14/15).

What inspired your new collection, Pool Party ?

MC – The artistic look of the collection is taken from a personal graphic interpretation of the swimming pool area. We tried to analyze lines from swimming spaces, like optical distortion of water movement and tiles, or surprising moments by a diver who is creating splatters and splashes.

patternpeople poolparty david hockney 1a Romi Cali | Pool Party

David Hockney | A Bigger Splash 1967

patternpeople poolparty david hockney 2 Romi Cali | Pool Party

David Hockney | A Large Diver 1978

Where do you look for inspiration? Do you have favorite artists or sources that you turn to?

MC – Pinterest is an important source to start a collection. We made a secret board for each direction where we collected our inspiration. We could then share it remotely as we worked far from each other. The swimming pools of David Hockney are our first inspirations for this collection; for their atmosphere, composition, and color range.

patternpeople poolparty david hockney 3 Romi Cali | Pool Party

David Hockney | Pool with Reflection of Trees and Sky 1978

What’s next for romicali?

MC – romi cali is working on a third artist book of its collection « Seasonal Cuisine », and on a graphic collaboration with a Parisian electronic label called, Profil de Face. We also started to work on the next textile collection of MC. Fashion, books and music are romi cali’s favourite fields. It works well for now and we hope it will go on like this!

Thanks so much, romi cali! Browse more of the studio’s work here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

patternpeople poolparty 4 Romi Cali | Pool Party

romi cali | pool party

patternpeople poolparty 3 Romi Cali | Pool Party

romi cali | pool party

Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co

PinExt Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co

jerseyicecremco6 590x886 Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co

Who doesn’t love a good before and after makeover? There’s something awe-inspiring about seeing the potential of a space unlocked. Tara Mangini and Percy Bright, the design duo that make up the Jersey Ice Cream Co, are masters of interior transformation. Veritable magicians, the design team takes the all or nothing approach when beginning a project, starting with actually moving into the space for as long as it takes to re-imagine it. Referring to themselves as “homeless home designers” they move from home project to home project leaving a trail of beauty soaked spaces in their wake. Their style is one of subtle beauty infused with neutral textiles that make all the difference. Here are some favorite shots from a redesign they did in Earlton, NY.

Julie Rose

jerseyicecreamco9 590x886 Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co

jerseyicecreamco1 590x886 Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co

jerseyicecreamco10 590x902 Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co

jerseyicecreamco7 590x392 Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co

jerseyicecreamco8 590x886 Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co

jerseyicecreamco11 590x886 Interiors | Jersey Ice Cream Co



Color | Geo Cache

PinExt Color | Geo Cache

geo 590x671 Color | Geo Cache

Brest Isaac | Andy BootBibhu Mohapatra

Geometry meets geology with this secret stash of happy-go-lucky hues.

Sarah Baugh

Pattern Report | Moody Botanicals

PinExt Pattern Report | Moody Botanicals

Botanicals in shades of brown and dark greens would otherwise be for summer or spring. The palette keeps these florals moody and ready for layering.

– bekah hilleson

Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 2017

PinExt Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 2017
pattern people SS17 trend guide blog 1 Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 2017

Pattern People | Spring/Summer 2017 Print & Color Trend Guide

Kick off your design season with our Spring/Summer 17 Trend Guide focused exclusively on print and color. Key directions come to life with visually stunning imagery in easy to reference magazine-style layouts. Culled from extensive research across the cultural landscape, we package our findings for easy reference and maximum inspiration. The digestible format provides clarity to the overwhelming world of print and offers inspiring stories, print techniques, as well as Pantone color palettes relevant to designers of all levels. Whether you design apparel, home goods, or surface designs, this definitive guide shows you the way to creating an exciting and market relevant collection for the Spring 2017 season and beyond.

pattern people SS17 trend guide blog 2 Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 2017

Pattern People | Spring/Summer 2017 Print & Color Trend Guide

- Features 10 key print trends for Spring 2017

- Includes tips and techniques for pattern designs

- Color trends with TPX Pantone palettes included

- Covers directions found across the runways and beyond

- Over 200 inspirational images

- Magazine style layout

Print & Color Overview Guide Spring/17* (pdf format)
$78 USD

Buy Now

*After you click Buy Now, you can enter your paypal or credit card information. Once that is entered, you will receive an email with a link to your download. If you are using your paypal account, the link will be sent to the email address associated with that account.

Looking for a collection of patterns that won’t break your budget? Check out our new Stock Print Collection featuring eight of the hottest market trends. 80 seamless prints in swatch format for $400 USD. Click here to learn more.

pattern people stock prints collection 01 full Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 2017

Pattern People | Stock Print Collection 01