Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 16

PinExt Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 16
pattern people SS16 trend guide blog 1 Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 16

Spring 2016 Print & Color Trend Guide | Pattern People

Focused exclusively on print and color, our Spring 2016 Trend Guide features extensive research collected from art, interiors, fashion, and culture. Key directions are brought to life with visually stunning imagery in easy to reference magazine-style layouts. The digestible format provides clarity to the overwhelming world of print and offers inspiring stories, print techniques, as well as Pantone color palettes relevant to designers of all levels. Whether you are an independent designer, a small studio, or part of a large company, the Spring 2016 Print & Color Trend Guide will help you get started on all of your creative pursuits.

pattern people SS16 trend guide blog 2 Print & Color Trend Guide | Spring 16

Spring 2016 Print & Color Trends | Pattern People

- Features 9 key print trends for Spring 2016

- Includes tips and techniques for pattern designs

- Color trends with TPX Pantone palettes

- Covers directions found across the runways and beyond

- Over 150 inspirational images 

- Magazine style layout

Print & Color Overview Guide Spring/16* (pdf format)
$68 USD 

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Pattern Report | White Wovens

PinExt Pattern Report | White Wovens


All white wovens make for wintery volume!

– bekah hilleson

Art | Owen Schmit

PinExt Art | Owen Schmit

owen schmit 4 Art | Owen Schmit

Owen Schmit’s dark painterly dreamscapes leave a lot to the imagination and have captured the attention of the art world and journalists alike. You can now buy a poster of her work at theposters. Check it out here.

-Claudia Brown

owen schmit 3 Art | Owen Schmit


owen schmit 5 Art | Owen Schmit

owen schmit 2 Art | Owen Schmit


Gift Guide | House of Voltaire

PinExt Gift Guide | House of Voltaire
gift guide 2014 patterns house of voltaire Gift Guide | House of Voltaire

Anselm Reyle + LHHR scarf | Paul Lee | Richard Wright Print | Sibling + Jim Lambie jumper

Just in time for the holidays, Studio Voltaire opens their pop-up shop selling a cornucopia of creations from artists and designers. Items include limited edition prints, housewares, and accessories with our favorites being the silk scarf by Anselm Reyle + LHHR and perforated art print by Richard Wright. Shop all the goodies here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Interiors | Suspended Clouds

PinExt Interiors | Suspended Clouds

suspendedclouds3 Interiors | Suspended Cloudssuspendedclouds2 Interiors | Suspended Clouds

Artist Joris Kuipers creates a moody wonderland in his exhibit portraying suspended clouds. The swirling combination of colors and flowing shapes evoke the peaceful movement of clouds meandering across the sky on a fall day.

Julie Rose

suspendedclouds1 Interiors | Suspended Clouds

suspendedclouds4 590x590 Interiors | Suspended Clouds

Joris Kuipers


Color | Contemplate

PinExt Color | Contemplate
color softgreen Color | Contemplate

Tumblr | Budi Satria Kwan | Casper Eliasen

Contemplating the warmth of grey, in green and pink.

Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Tech Stripe

PinExt Pattern Report | Tech Stripe

Circuit boards and bright neons mix for technical looking stripes.

– bekah hilleson

Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

PinExt Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

bruce riley 6 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

bruce riley 1 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

Today’s inspiration comes from Chicago based artist Bruce Riley, who drips paint into paint in an endlessly layered arrangement resulting in paintings that look like  underwater scenes, psychedelic visions and abstract dreamscapes. Check out a video of his process and more here.


bruce riley 5 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

bruce riley 4 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

bruce riley 3 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

Profile | Vasare Nar

PinExt Profile | Vasare Nar

profile vasare nar 2 Profile | Vasare Nar
Prone to spontaneous outbursts of creativity, Vasare Nar stitches mixed media together in playful collages paying homage to fashion designers and icons like Mary Katrantzou and Kate Moss. Her quirky prints dance to a tribal beat and can be found on products for Urban Outfitters, as well as in her own shop here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile vasare nar 3 Profile | Vasare Nar

profile vasare nar 1 Profile | Vasare Nar

Vasare Nar

Interiors | Wall Art

PinExt Interiors | Wall Art

KateZarembaCompany Wallpaper2 Interiors | Wall ArtKateZaremba Wallpaper4 Interiors | Wall Art

KateZarembaCompany Wallpaper3 Interiors | Wall Art

kateZarembaCompany Wallpaper1 Interiors | Wall Art

Kate Zaremba Company


Who says that apartment dwellers and home renters have to be exempt from the beauty that is wallpaper? Well, no one, if  Timothy Sue and Kate Zaremba have anything to say about it. These are just a couple of the artists bringing the joy of removable wallpaper to those that may not feel inclined to commit their walls to just one look. Looks like the possibilities are endless!

Julie Rose

TimothySue Wallpaper11 Interiors | Wall Art

TimothySue wallpaper41 Interiors | Wall Art

TimothySue Wallpaper3 Interiors | Wall Art

Timothy Sue