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wallpaper design for Hermès

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wall stickers for Domestic

Known for his illustrative design style, Pierre Marie creates detailed drawings and branding for a long list of clients such a Mélodie Wolf, Yazbukey, Sonia Rykiel, Issey Miyake, Diptyque, and most recently, Hermès. Based in Paris, Pierre Marie looks to ornate and narrative imagery for inspiration while also citing folklore and animated films as influences.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

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design for Hermès scarf

Interiors | Color Abstract

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PatternPeople blog Georgiana Paraschiv 1 Interiors | Color Abstract

Romanian based artist Georgiana Paraschiv has a way with color! Her bright abstract art pieces transport the viewer to a textured, exotic world full of playful color. And now, not only can her art prints grace the walls of your home, they are now also available printed on pillows, duvet covers, clocks, iPhone covers…and the list goes on and on.

Julie Rose

Color | Citrus Grove

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citrus grove Color | Citrus Grove

Jeremy Liebman | Maurizio di Iorio | Rogov Serge

Fresh squeezed.

Pattern Report | Eye Spy

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I spy with my little eye..peepers everywhere!

- bekah hilleson

Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories

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MENS15 TRENDS TYPE Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories

Dior Homme |Vivienne Westwood | Burberry Prorsum | Diesel Black Gold | MSGM

MENS15 TRENDS SPOTS Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories

Kenzo | Domir Doma | Dries Van Noten | GIvenchy | Jonathan Saunders

Two print stories off the runway that can really translate into market ready prints are typographic treatments, and spots/dots. Type can be used in so many wonderful ways, from cursive and hand drawn to super graphic. Spots can be anything from giant polka dots to animal prints to textures.

-Claudia Brown

Profile | Jonathan Zawada

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print for Timefly

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Sixpack silk scarf

Known for his cutting-edge graphic design work former Sydney resident, Jonathan Zawada, brings his creative eye to fashion, music, publishing and more. Running parallel to his design efforts, Zawada also paints and fabricates objets d’art in marble and metal. With punchy color palettes and futuristic-meets-apocalyptic scenes, he crafts a universe that’s all his own. View more of his world here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

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prints for Romance Was Born AW14

Interiors | Patterned Blooms

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PP blog 5.16.14 patternedblooms Interiors | Patterned Blooms

Rebecca Louise Law transforms spaces into a dreamy wonderland of patterned blooms. The East London artist says of her installations that they “reflect what’s happening in nature, by looking at plant patterns or observing the way something grows. Then I imagine these themes in real life and times that by a thousand so that it becomes fantasy.” The spaces she creates certainly turn out amazing and are inspiration for any interior.

Julie Rose

PP blog 5.16.14 patternedblooms 2 Interiors | Patterned Blooms

Rebecca Louise Law

Color | Cavern

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caves Color | Cavern

Lussatite | Heimo Zobernig | Clover CanyonDanny Balgley 

Shine a light on deep jewel hues.

Pattern Report | Wear the Rainbow

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Why wear one color when you can wear them all?

- bekah hilleson

Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories

PinExt Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories
MENS15 TRENDS PLAID Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories

DKNY | Gosha Rubchinskiy | Ami | Iceberg |Band of Outsiders

The Spring 15 Men’s shows offered plenty of outlandish and over the top looks. On the conservative side, there were loads of the usual plaids, with some interesting twists, as seen above. The cut-out collage trend continues to gain traction with lots of contrasting and bright color. Expressive brushstrokes add to the drama of the collections as seen below. It will be interesting to see how these looks translate into retail. Probably quite a transformation!

-Claudia Brown

MENS15 TRENDS CUTOUT Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories

Christopher Shannon | Alexander McQueen | Sacai | MSGM | Comme des Garcons Shirt

MENS15 TRENDS BRUSH Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories

Agi & Sam | Dior Homme | Band of Outsiders | Trussardi

pixel Runway | Spring 15 Mens Print Stories