Pattern Report | The New Pinstripe

PinExt Pattern Report | The New Pinstripe
pinstripe Pattern Report | The New Pinstripe

Rag & Bone | Tumblr | Revolve Clothing | background:

Feel like a 1920s gangster in modern pinstriping.

- bekah hilleson

Art | Iridescent Light

PinExt Art | Iridescent Light

Soo Sunny Park UnwovenLight 4 Art | Iridescent Light Soo Sunny Park UnwovenLight 3 Art | Iridescent Light Soo Sunny Park UnwovenLight 2 Art | Iridescent Light

Soo Sunny Park UnwovenLight 1 Art | Iridescent Light


Soo Sunny Park weaves an amazing tapestry of ever-changing lights using chain link fence and plexiglass. the large pieces are then installed in an organic manner depending on how they interact with the space and each other. The results are magical!

-Claudia Brown

Profile | Sabine Egler

PinExt Profile | Sabine Egler
profile sabine egler 3 Profile | Sabine Egler

print for Peter Pilotto

profile sabine egler 5 Profile | Sabine Egler

print for Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto’s womeswear collections are always bursting with colorful and energetic prints. So, it was fun to discover Sabine Egler’s site which revealed her involvement in the design process. Working alongside Pilotto and Christopher De Vos for four seasons, Egler created prints in numerous styles from futuristic interpretations to over-scale florals. She has since moved on to Topshop whose print heavy wares will keep her talented eye busy. See more of her work in our ebook, Pattern Design and Beyond or online here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile sabine egler 6 Profile | Sabine Egler

print for Peter Pilotto


profile Sabine Egler 4 Profile | Sabine Egler

print for Prose

profile sabine egler 1 Profile | Sabine Egler

print design

Exteriors | Temple of Love

PinExt Exteriors | Temple of Love

PatternPeople blog TempleofLove 5 Exteriors | Temple of Love

PatternPeople blog TempleofLove 4 590x393 Exteriors | Temple of Love

Commissioned by the Southbank Centre for its summer Festival of Love, the Temple of Agape boldly professes love in neon flare! The temple, designed by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan, is a sculptural collection of large hand-painted signs professing words of love. In the spirit of the event the typographic wonderland provides a place for reflection and joy. “The Temple stands proud like a peacock with its giant Martin Luther King quote, expressing the power of love to the world,” say Myerscough and Morgan. “Inside its heart is calm and dappled with light for contemplating complex emotions, a place that can transform with Love expressed within.”

Julie Rose

PatternPeople blog TempleofLove 3 Exteriors | Temple of Love

PatternPeople blog TempleofLove 1 Exteriors | Temple of Love

PatternPeople blog TempleofLove 2 Exteriors | Temple of Love

All Photos by Gareth Gardner

Color | Lucky Charm

PinExt Color | Lucky Charm

lucky charm Color | Lucky Charm

Proenza Schouler | L & G StudioLouis Vuitton

A fortunate dose of grassy green and ornamental gold.

Pattern Report | Shweshwe-esque

PinExt Pattern Report | Shweshwe esque
afrikana Pattern Report | Shweshwe esque

Jil Sander Navy | Rachel Comey | H&M | background: Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël

Shweshwe is to South Africa as tartan is to Scotland. Though the prints above are not achieved with the same technique of using acid discharge on rollers, they borrow the intricate geometric patterns for which Shweshwe is so well known.

- bekah hilleson

Pattern Illusions

PinExt Pattern Illusions

felice varini 5 Pattern Illusions felice varini 6 Pattern Illusions felice varini 3 Pattern Illusionsfelice varini 4 Pattern Illusionsfelice varini 1 Pattern Illusionsfelice varini 2 Pattern Illusions

These mind-bending designs were created by Felice Varini, a Swiss artist who plays with perception and dimension. Looked at from a certain angle, shapes look like a translucent field floating in air. Step away and you see that the shapes are painted on walls rails, steps etc to create a stunning illusion.
-Claudia Brown

Profile | Pierre Marie

PinExt Profile | Pierre Marie
profile pierre marie 4 Profile | Pierre Marie

wallpaper design for Hermès

profile pierre marie 3 Profile | Pierre Marie

wall stickers for Domestic

Known for his illustrative design style, Pierre Marie creates detailed drawings and branding for a long list of clients such a Mélodie Wolf, Yazbukey, Sonia Rykiel, Issey Miyake, Diptyque, and most recently, Hermès. Based in Paris, Pierre Marie looks to ornate and narrative imagery for inspiration while also citing folklore and animated films as influences.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile pierre marie 1 Profile | Pierre Marie

design for Hermès scarf

Interiors | Color Abstract

PinExt Interiors | Color Abstract

PatternPeople blog Georgiana Paraschiv 1 Interiors | Color Abstract

Romanian based artist Georgiana Paraschiv has a way with color! Her bright abstract art pieces transport the viewer to a textured, exotic world full of playful color. And now, not only can her art prints grace the walls of your home, they are now also available printed on pillows, duvet covers, clocks, iPhone covers…and the list goes on and on.

Julie Rose

Color | Citrus Grove

PinExt Color | Citrus Grove

citrus grove Color | Citrus Grove

Jeremy Liebman | Maurizio di Iorio | Rogov Serge

Fresh squeezed.

pixel Color | Citrus Grove