Interiors | Minimalist

PinExt Interiors | Minimalist

A stark palette of grey and white is warmed by primary color accents in this office design by Studio Swine. The use of white peg board for the main wall is not only functional, but also offers the comfort of a repeat-dot pattern. With additions such as the roughly hewn wood and red minimalist shelves, the design offers the perfect balance of visual interest and space for creativity.

Julie Rose

Color | Quiet Iris

PinExt Color | Quiet Iris

iris breeze Color | Quiet Iris

Andrew BrischlerMatt Connors | Clare GrillFrancesco Ormando

Soft like a shadow, like a summer breeze.

Pattern Report | 3D Floral

PinExt Pattern Report | 3D Floral


Print jumps off the 2 dimensional surface for this resort 2015 trend. Flowers in all shapes and sizes look bold on shorts and bright in poppy red and grass green. It may not be very functional, but you can’t look at this trend and not feel joy (and who needs functional anyways?). With 3D printing on the rise, it’s only a matter of time before we are all printing our own flower adornments!

- bekah hilleson

Cookies + Patterns

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pins 1 Cookies + Patterns

via here.

Now you can impress your friends and family with cool pattern cookies thanks to these awesome rolling pins designed by  Zuzia Kozerska. Check out the etsy shop here.

-Claudia Brown

cats cookies Cookies + Patterns chevron cookies Cookies + Patterns robot cookies Cookies + Patterns

Profile | Dusen Dusen

PinExt Profile | Dusen Dusen
profile dusen dusen 1 Profile | Dusen Dusen

Dusen Dusen

Bold and graphic, the prints of clothing label, Dusen Dusen, are drawn from disparate points each season to create a unified palette of visual interest. Ellen Van Dusen, the designer, was raised by architect parents and remembers as a child “sponge painting her own clothes.” After graduating from Tufts University, Dusen founded her line of simple basics which resonate with the vintage lovers out there. Pick up a piece here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile dusen dusen 2 Profile | Dusen Dusen

Dusen Dusen

profile dusen dusen 3 Profile | Dusen Dusen

Dusen Dusen

Interiors | Bohemian Dream

PinExt Interiors | Bohemian Dream
PatternPeople blog 6.19.14 marahoffman1 Interiors | Bohemian Dream

Mara Hoffman | Anthropologie

Lost in a sea of dreamy bohemian prints, Mara Hoffman’s home collection for Anthropologie includes detailed bedding, throw rugs, stunning floor pillows and more. The amazing pyramid shaped candle is decorated with an “all-seeing eye” motif that appears in many of her designs and hints of mysterious far away places. Creating an overall effect that is shabby-chic-meets-intricate-elegance, Hoffman’s bright items are perfect for adding a pop of color to any space.

Julie Rose


Color | Coral Blues

PinExt Color | Coral Blues

CoralBlues2 Color | Coral Blues

Babs HaenenJustin WalkerStephanie Downey | Zachary Buchner

China blues and coral hues with a splash of golden sunshine.

Pattern Report | Facial Focal Point

PinExt Pattern Report | Facial Focal Point


portraiture Pattern Report | Facial Focal Point

Prada for L’Officiel Ukraine | Acne Studios

Put your best face forward for this bold print trend.

- bekah hilleson


Art | Sue Williams

PinExt Art | Sue Williams

SW 1306 Art | Sue Williams

SW 1228 Art | Sue Williams

One of my favorite painters Sue Williams is exhibiting work at Art Basel with 303 Gallery so I thought it’d be a good time to post some of her new work. Her paintings always have such a great tension between fluidity/freedom and control/structure and are a great inspiration for us print artists who enjoy painting and color exploration.

-Claudia Brown

SW 1262 Art | Sue Williams

SW 1304 Art | Sue Williams

SW 1161 Art | Sue Williams

Profile | Kristjana S. Williams

PinExt Profile | Kristjana S. Williams

profile kristjana williams 3 Profile | Kristjana S. Williams

profile kristjana williams 5 Profile | Kristjana S. Williams

Icelandic born designer, Kristjana S. Williams, brings her illustrative wonderlands to all sorts of surfaces. From homewares to fashion, the detailed compositions thrive with life and color. These intricate collages are compilations of collected victorian engravings, found objects, and photographs carefully crafted into miniature environments of their own. Now based in London, Williams has had the opportunity to show her work annually at the London Design Festival with exhibits at the Victoria & Albert Museum and Shapero Rare Books, as well as at the Paul Smith Globe Store. As one of the former designers of the sadly closed, cutting-edge boutique, Beyond the Valley, Williams’ amazing style and vision live on through a studio of her own.

Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile kristjana williams 2 Profile | Kristjana S. Williams

profile kristjana williams 1 Profile | Kristjana S. Williams

pixel Profile | Kristjana S. Williams