Profile | Irina Kruglova

Irina Kruglova

Irina Kruglova

Chicago based designer, Irina Kruglova, aka Monscribbles, creates striking illustrations of modern life using patterns and textures. Her colorful vector artwork focuses on simple shapes and line with a minimalist aesthetic. Kruglova recently turned her sights on illustration after a decade of working in graphic design. She finds inspiration in the quotidian and states, “I love to peer at things around me. Some may think I’m a weirdo or a creep when I can’t take my eyes off a person or object. But in fact I’m not, it’s just the way I observe the world around me.”

Discover more of her work at or view her colorful Instagram feed.

Irina Kruglova

Irina Kruglova

Irina Kruglova

Irina Kruglova

Exteriors | Cherry Blossoms

When spring comes you can find photographer Danilo Dungo near Inokashira Park in Tokyo. The artist has made a tradition out of capturing the yearly blossoming of cherry trees along the banks of the Sakura River.

Color | Light Up Garden


tumblr | Jessica Singh | Jacques-Aurelien Brun | pinterest

Light up the night with pops of bright colors that illuminate.

Pattern Report | Line up!


Chanel | Acne Studios | Alexander Arutyunov

Thick or thin, vertical stripes make a big statement.

Profile | Mandy Barker

representing more than 500 pieces of plastic debris found in the digestive tract of an albatross chick | Mandy Barker

representing more than 500 pieces of plastic debris found in the digestive tract of an albatross chick | Mandy Barker

The pattern-like designs of photographer, Mandy Barker, are not only beautiful but they also carry a heavy social message. The photos, composed of debris washed ashore from around the world, aim to generate an emotional response to our consumption of plastic materials and bring awareness to the long term effects it has on our environment. View more of her work here and make sure to read each caption. It definitely makes you question your purchases.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

beach debris | Mandy Barker

beach debris | Mandy Barker

beach debris | Mandy Barker

beach debris | Mandy Barker

Interiors | House of Holland x Habitat


Set at an admirably affordable price and based on the Hunter S. Thompson novel Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, the new interiors collaboration by designer Henry Holland and Habitat is a riot of brightly colored print amazingness.

Julie Rose





Color | Electric Pop

color-bwyellowclockwise: Julie Thevenot, Julia Dault, Christian Wijnants, Elisa Van Joolen

For more on color trend check out our AW 17/18 Trend Guide! 

Pattern Report | Fruit Cup

Could I have a side of fruit?

-bekah hilleson

Black and White Quilts


Lorena Marañon

via here.

Black & White, Twelve Quilts is an exhibition that celebrates the craft of quilting. Of course black and white is one of our favorite palettes but is especially refreshing for a folksy craft like quilting.

-Claudia Brown


Pamela Wiley


Kiva Motnyk

Coulter Fussell, YaloRUN Textiles

Coulter Fussell, YaloRUN Textiles


Lesley Gold

Print & Color Trend Guide | Winter 2017/18

Print & Color Trend Guide AW 17/18 by Pattern People

Pattern People | Print & Color Trend Guide Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Focused exclusively on print and color, our Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 Trend Guide features extensive research collected from art, interiors, fashion, and culture. This season we examine new dimensions found in surreal settings, as well as opulent and intricate decor, while staying grounded by the endless beauty found in nature. Key directions are brought to life with visually stunning imagery in easy to reference magazine-style layouts. The digestible format provides clarity to the overwhelming world of print and offers inspiring stories, print techniques, as well as Pantone color palettes relevant to designers of all levels. Whether you are an independent designer, a small studio, or part of a large company, the Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 Print & Color Trend Guide will help you get started on all of your creative pursuits.

– Features 3 key macro trends plus 11 supporting print trend stories for Autumn/Winter 2017/18

– Over 250 inspirational images 

– Visually impactful color trends with TPX Pantone palettes

– Comprehensive coverage of directions found across the runways and beyond

– Magazine style layout 

Print & Color Overview Guide Autumn/Winter 2017/18* (pdf format)
$98 USD 

Buy Now

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Pattern People | Print Trend Guide Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Pattern People | Print & Color Trend Guide Autumn/Winter 2017/18

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