Interiors | Adrian Esparza


Rethinking the Mexican serape blanket, artist Adrian Esparza, deconstructs the brightly colored tourist-favorites and turns them into intricate geometric wall hangings.

Julie Rose






Color | Midnight


Miu Miu | Klaus Haapaniemi

Moody, midnight palette.

Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Ditsies R Us


Markus Lupfer | Michael Kors | Honestly WTF for Número | Coach | Tory Burch (background)

Tiny flowers collages breed happiness.

-bekah hilleson

Art | Melissa Manful


Just discovered the work of Melissa Manful who shows at Taylor De Cardoba in Los Angeles. Loving the push and pull of these paintings–how mechanical but organic it feels, heavy but light, reminiscent of pinball machines and tilework equally.


2123-risingfalling 2127 2128-pointsofchoice

Profile | Kustaa Saksi

Woolgathering | Kustaa Saksi

Woolgathering | Kustaa Saksi

Continuing his study of dream states, Finnish designer, Kustaa Saksi, brings us a new collection of woven tapestries titled, Woolgathering, now on display at Usagi Gallery in Hong Kong. Referring to the blurred lines between reality and fantasy when daydreaming, Woolgathering captures Saksi’s surreal and psychedelic musings on the subject. These one-of-a-kind textiles are produced by jacquard weaving techniques using mohair, merino and alpaca wool mixed with cotton, and a variety of synthetic materials such as rubber, phosphate, and metallic threads.

“Weaving patterns definitely has its limitations compared to printing, but it opens up a completely new world of possibilities, especially in detailing,” the Saksi says. “In my artworks, I’m using the Jacquard weaving technique for its magnificent control over detailing and colour and material combinations. I’m especially keen on using natural fibres like mohair, alpaca wool, cotton and linen, and contrasting them with synthetic, high-tech materials such as glow-in-the-dark phosphoric and metallic acrylic threads, and rubber. I produce my designs and artworks in small editions to keep them exclusive, at the highest-possible quality.”

Woolgathering | Kustaa Saksi

Woolgathering | Kustaa Saksi

Woolgathering | Kustaa Saksi

Woolgathering | Kustaa Saksi

Saksi uses daydreaming as a tool to escape from reality and to let his imagination run wild. His work often features abstract landscapes and optical distortions which channel a hypnotic state. Woolgathering acts as a continuation of his 2013 textile collection Hypnopompic which was inspired by the moments immediately preceding waking up.

usagi Hong Kong
March 26 2016 – April 17 2016

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Woolgathering | Kustaa Saksi

Woolgathering | Kustaa Saksi

Exteriors | Public Square


Artist Michael Johansson explores the everyday object as part of the exhibit actually more space. The artist collected items from the citizens of the town of Osnabrück to construct an awe-inspiring, tetris-like maze of ordinary things.

Julie Rose






Color | Tropical Spring


Tumblr | Josh Goot

Feeling Spring with this light and vibrant color combo.

Julie Rose


Pattern Report | Geometric Knits

geo knits blogVersace|Prabal Gurung |Peter Pilotto

Soft, cozy, and sharp! Knits pick up a geometric angle for Fall 2016.

-mollye pooton

Books| Things Organized Neatly

USDEC Dairy Powder
Cheese Map by Jennifer Davick US Dairy Export Council to support the Think USA Dairy campaign

Things Organized Neatly is a book of photos of random things placed into order, and though I’m far from being a neat freak, something about these photos is highly satisfying to me. Perhaps it is the same part of my brain that loves creating and seeing patterns. Anyway, enjoy this tumblr and maybe buy the book? I think I will!

-Claudia Brown


submission: Adam Hillman, Post-It Aesthetics, 2016tumblr_o48w6mjdQj1rte5gyo2_1280 tumblr_o0eeggs6aj1qbycdbo1_1280

tumblr_nxg23uIB3o1qbycdbo1_1280submission: Adam Hillman, Paper Cut, 2015 tumblr_nxk510MTrQ1qbycdbo1_1280submission: Adam Hillman, On Point, 2015

Profile | Estúdio Prius

Estudio Prius

Estudio Prius

Brazilian surface designer, Sheila Banderchuk, works under the moniker Estúdio Prius to create hand drawn and hand painted patterns. Her textile designs are heavily influenced by her lush surroundings and often feature overgrown florals, tropical leaves, and sandy beaches. So, it’s no surprise that the prints of Estúdio Prius appear predominantly on apparel and swimwear. They look right at home on the shorelines of Brazil acting as an extension of the environment that inspired them. Find more of Sheila’s work here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Estudio Prius

Estudio Prius

Estudio Prius

Estudio Prius

Estudio Prius

Estudio Prius

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