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bruce riley 6 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

bruce riley 1 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

Today’s inspiration comes from Chicago based artist Bruce Riley, who drips paint into paint in an endlessly layered arrangement resulting in paintings that look like  underwater scenes, psychedelic visions and abstract dreamscapes. Check out a video of his process and more here.


bruce riley 5 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

bruce riley 4 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

bruce riley 3 Art | Trippy Dripped Paint

Profile | Vasare Nar

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profile vasare nar 2 Profile | Vasare Nar
Prone to spontaneous outbursts of creativity, Vasare Nar stitches mixed media together in playful collages paying homage to fashion designers and icons like Mary Katrantzou and Kate Moss. Her quirky prints dance to a tribal beat and can be found on products for Urban Outfitters, as well as in her own shop here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile vasare nar 3 Profile | Vasare Nar

profile vasare nar 1 Profile | Vasare Nar

Vasare Nar

Interiors | Wall Art

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KateZarembaCompany Wallpaper2 Interiors | Wall ArtKateZaremba Wallpaper4 Interiors | Wall Art

KateZarembaCompany Wallpaper3 Interiors | Wall Art

kateZarembaCompany Wallpaper1 Interiors | Wall Art

Kate Zaremba Company


Who says that apartment dwellers and home renters have to be exempt from the beauty that is wallpaper? Well, no one, if  Timothy Sue and Kate Zaremba have anything to say about it. These are just a couple of the artists bringing the joy of removable wallpaper to those that may not feel inclined to commit their walls to just one look. Looks like the possibilities are endless!

Julie Rose

TimothySue Wallpaper11 Interiors | Wall Art

TimothySue wallpaper41 Interiors | Wall Art

TimothySue Wallpaper3 Interiors | Wall Art

Timothy Sue



Color | Soft Tropics

PinExt Color | Soft Tropics


color softtropics Color | Soft Tropics

Paco Peregrin | In the Choirs | Tumblr | Shae De Tar

The tropics softly etched in pastel and bold.

Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Quilted and Felted

PinExt Pattern Report | Quilted and Felted
felted Pattern Report | Quilted and Felted

Toga | Fashion Gone Rogue for Bergdorf Goodman | Emma Cook

Quilt and/or felt for fall fun!

– bekah hilleson

Art | Tomoo Gotika

PinExt Art | Tomoo Gotika

Tomoo Gokita Great Circus 05 Art | Tomoo GotikaTomoo Gokita Great Circus 02 Art | Tomoo Gotika

Tomoo Gokita Great Circus 04 Art | Tomoo Gotika

Currently showing at the Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art in Japan, is the retrospective of  Tomoo Gotika, an artist who has been highly influential for his album covers and illustrations. This is his first retrospective as an artist and he stays faithful to his unique and provocative style, creating an atmosphere filled with the crackling energy of a free and prolific creativity.

-Claudia Brown

Tomoo Gokita Great Circus 03 Art | Tomoo Gotika
Tomoo Gokita Great Circus 06 Art | Tomoo Gotika


Studio Peek | Pattern People

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studio peek pattern people jungle SP161 Studio Peek | Pattern People

jungle trend | Ruth Daniels | Osklen | Opening Ceremony | Topshop

studio peek pattern people jungle SP16 1 Studio Peek | Pattern People

studio peek | pattern people

Behind the scenes at Pattern People, we’ve been working hard on our spring collection of prints. Our latest inspiration comes from the lush tropics featuring layered jungle leaves like the cut leaf style of the Monstera or the lacy details of the palm. View more of our prints here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Interiors | Marbled

PinExt Interiors | Marbled

Calico2 Interiors | Marbled

The details in Calico’s stunning line of marbled wallpaper will leave you entranced. The line is handmade and involves Calico marbleizing each sheet of paper in a process that makes the end result seem even more amazing! They have a lovely video discussing the process on their website and it’s definitely worth a look.

Julie Rose

Calico7 Interiors | Marbled

Calico6 Interiors | Marbled

Calico1 Interiors | Marbled

Calico4 Interiors | Marbled

Color | Geometric Abstract

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color mixed ideas Color | Geometric Abstract

Adrian Forrow | Paul Ka | Tenka Gammelgaard | Ettore Sottsass

Bold blue geometry and muted yellow accents.

– Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Geo Collage

PinExt Pattern Report | Geo Collage

More geo cutout collages on 2015 runway styles!

– bekah hilleson