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patternpeopleblog4 Interiors | Shantell Martin

patternpeopleblog3 Interiors | Shantell Martin

The collaboration between interior decorator Kelly Wearstler and artist Shantell Martin is vibrant and provocative. The collection showcases Martin’s signature graffiti-esque drawings on elegant home decor. Describing her work as a “meditation of black and white lines…” the artist’s work translates beautifully to the collection’s simple interior pieces.

Julie Rose

patternpeopleblog6 Interiors | Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin 069 590x400 Interiors | Shantell Martin

Shantell Martin | 1stdibs

Color | Cartoon Self

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color cartoonself Color | Cartoon Self

Laura Callaghan | Leah Goren | Phillip Lim | MyDesy

Flashy colors and drawn lines.

Julie Rose

Pattern Report | Barely Printed

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Light and airy barely prints add lovely texture to feminine silhouettes.

– bekah hilleson

Art | Express Yourself

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Jack vanzet 876 1169 Art | Express Yourself

via here.

Jack Vanzet is only 23, yet his work is full of confidence and self assurance. I guess 23 is a time for unbounded cockiness, but for most of us, this is usually a shaky back and forth kind of confidence that does not come through in our work. So it is especially impressive to see such a strong creative voice in such a young person. Personally this makes me feel inspired by the freedom and fun expressed here, and also for the color, form and technique.

-Claudia Brown

Jack Vanzet Ocen 1169 Art | Express Yourself

1752 Jack Vanzet 1169 590x460 Art | Express Yourself

Profile | Gabriela Fuente

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profile gabriela fuente 2 Profile | Gabriela Fuente
profile gabriela fuente 3 Profile | Gabriela Fuente

After a short stint as a fashion designer’s assistant, Gabriela Fuente found her true calling as a print designer. She hasn’t turned back since and spends her days experimenting with watercolors, pencils, and oil pastels. View more of her work in our ebook Pattern Mix or catch up with her on her blog.

Jessie Whipple Vickery

profile gabriela fuente 1 Profile | Gabriela Fuente

Interiors | All That Glitters

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 Interiors | All That GlittersGold Glitter1 Interiors | All That Glitters

With the season transitioning to winter a little brightness can be just what an interior space needs to help it feel light and cheerful.

Julie Rose

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img6o 590x590 Interiors | All That Glitters

 Interiors | All That Glitters

img71o Interiors | All That Glitters

img57o Interiors | All That Glitters

Urban Outfitters | West Elm



Pattern Report | Technically Plaid

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A techy take on the traditional tartan.

– bekah hilleson

Color | Cloud Swept

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color tiedye Color | Cloud Swept

Tumblr | The Elder Statesman

Swept on clouds through a blue and purple sky.

Julie Rose

Art of Illusion

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liu bolin hiding in the city exhibition galerie paris beijing 2 590x393 Art of Illusion

Liu Bolin “Hiding in the City” Exhibition @ Galerie Paris-Beijing

Liu Bolin camouflage art 1 590x455 Art of Illusion

Liu Bolin, Hiding in the City – Sunflower, 2012 Courtesy of the artist

Liu Bolin camouflage art 2 Art of Illusion

Liu Bolin, Hiding in New York No. 8 – Cereal, 2013 Courtesy of the artist

liu bolin hiding in city wood Art of Illusion

Liu Bolin (2010) Hiding in the City 88 – Saw Mill

After Liu Bolin watched the village where he worked bulldozed by the Chinese government, he created his series Hiding in the City. In the series, Bolin meticulously paints himself to blend in with landscapes as diverse as the grocery store to the Great Wall of China. In this way, he comments on the invisibility of artists within a society that fails to protect them. The series was so prolific and popular that he expanded it to Venice as a comment on the history of art, and New York to tackle the relationship between man and the object he creates.

In 2012, he was asked to take part in a series with fashion designers Gaultier, Valentino, Lanvin and Missoni that was featured in the March 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

-Claudia Brown

liu bolin missoni Art of Illusion

Liu Bolin collaboration with Angela Missoni from Harper’s Bazaar, 2012

liu bolin gaultier Art of Illusion

Liu Bolin collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier from Harper’s Bazaar, 2012

Profile | Rhianna Ellington

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profile rhianna ellington 3 Profile | Rhianna Ellingtonprofile rhianna ellington 1 Profile | Rhianna Ellington

Turning to nature for inspiration, UK based designer, Rhianna Ellington, converts lush foliage and bursting blooms into sophisticated prints. We love her tropical leaf prints and are excited to hear about her recently launched accessories line which features many of these elegant designs on silk and leather goods. Past collaborations with brands like THE WHITEPEPPER and The Textile Federation have led to collections available at Topshop, Asos, and Urban Outfitters. To view Ellington’s latest offerings visit her site here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Want to be featured? Send us an email to submit at pattern people dot com with a few words about yourself and two to three samples of your work. 

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