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Costume Design by Christian Joy


Christian Joy for Prints All Over Me

Christian Joy for PAOM

We’ve been following Prints All Over Me for quite some time. Basically you can upload and apply your prints to their awesome silhouettes and get a percentage of profits when your items sell. When their latest newsletter popped into my inbox with a collaboration with Christian Joy, I was well, overjoyed (haha.) I knew Christian back in my Williamsburg days when she was making outfits for Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She is amazing and has done also done costumes for Alabama Shakes, Lucius, Santigold, Oh Land and the Klaxons.

Below are a few more favorites from the site. Enjoy!

-Claudia Brown





Lisa Hanawalt for PAOM


Season of Victory for PAOM303419461_68725Eddie Perrote for PAOM

Profile | Rachel Kaye

Rachel Kaye

Rachel Kaye

Rachel Kaye

Rachel Kaye for Gravel & Gold

San Francisco based artist, Rachel Kaye, creates free form paintings which channel the easy going vibe of Northern California surf culture. She recently completed a mural at Facebook’s headquarters and her work can also be found on clothing for Gravel & Gold, as well as Mollusk. (I just picked up one of these.) The intricate patterns are spot on with the current patchwork trend that’s been seen across the runways for Spring 2016. See more of her work here.

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Rachel Kaye

Rachel Kaye

Rachel Kaye

Rachel Kaye

Fashion Week Frenzy at Jovoto

jovoto textile orbit - fashion frenzy challenge

jovoto textile orbit – fashion frenzy challenge

The next design challenge, Fashion Week Frenzy, has launched over at Open to all designers, this competition offers the opportunity to win up to €5,000 and also a place in the Textile Orbit! Read on to find out more.

Fashion Week Frenzy is an invitation to all designers to be inspired by the latest trends in the fashion print world and create pattern designs that present unique interpretations of those trends. The client’s design team has uploaded the most eye catching and promising looks from the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan on the project’s Inspirational Pinterest Board. These trend alerts will give you guidance and inspiration for your designs.

The Task
Analyze the current runway trends chosen by the client’s design team and create your very own interpretation of the fashion shows.

Your Opportunity
This is a call for all designers who have inspiring ideas for pattern design. The best designs submitted on jovoto will be chosen and presented to select international fashion brands by the client, who is a renowned textile supplier.

In addition to winning up to 5,000€ in community awards, a huge opportunity awaits; to be licensed by a large fashion brand. For every licensed design, you will be paid 100€ for the initial design and an additional 0.20€ in royalties per meter printed. The amount purchased can be up to 20,000 meters per design!

Check out more here.

Edible Art | Fruit Marble


Artist Corey Bartle-Sanderson’s project Supermarket Simulacrum shows us fruit in a new light. When speaking to his motivation for the project the artist states: “When we look at everyday objects we don’t stop to think about them, in ways of colour, shape and form, we just accept what they are, no questions are asked. With Supermarket Simulacrum I wanted to challenge this idea.” The project definitely seems to have accomplished it’s goal!

Julie Rose






Color | Green Machine


Jenny Van Sommers | Jonas WoodCédric Charlier

A kick of emerald. A splash of navy. Smooth tan.

Pattern Report | Checker Mash

Checker boards cut up and rearranged!

– bekah hilleson

Ceramics | Recreation Center




via here.

Recreation Center is a ceramics studio based in Brooklyn, New York specializing in ceramics, patterns and crazy layouts. Love their Memphis Group influence and the objects themselves.

-Claudia Brown






Profile | Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes

Bold, graphic prints influenced by an urban aesthetic make their debut on Savannah Hayes’s home collection which features throws, pillows, tea towels, and even etched marble. Hayes decided to launch her own label this October after having designed for Kelly Wearstler, Martha Stewart, and Kravet Fabrics. Her previous employment allowed her to work closely with mills in both India and Turkey, gaining firsthand textile experience.

Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes

We’re loving the cozy, graphic throws which would make a great statement in any room. Can we cuddle up in one now, please? Which would you choose?

– Jessie Whipple Vickery

Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes

Edible Art | Gummy Chandelier



Proving that art can take inspiration from just about anywhere, artist Kevin Champeny has created a gummy inspired masterpiece. The lighting wonder was commissioned by the home furnishing company Jellio and is available in two sizes. The largest is an impressive color display and uses 5,000 bears, measures 31″ in diameter, and weighs about 50 lbs! No doubt it’s sure to be an amazing conversation piece for any room.

Julie Rose




Color | Snakeskin


Sandro Botticelli | Thomas Fougeirol | Gucci

Slick, earthy tones pop when paired with contrasting garden hues.

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