Digital | Versace’s Greatest Hits for H&M

The new collection pays homage to Versace’s design and print past, creating a greatest hits style collection for the high street. It takes the true nature of fashion reinventing and reusing past design in a contemporary way, with the prints and designs being taken from each past collection since the 1990’s.

The reason given by Donatella for creating this type of collection was in response to many young people buying vintage Versace.

The collection is large spanning womenswear, menswear, accessories and a home collection. They are divided into several titled categories, Stampa caught my eye as the prints shout out, with strong graphics, bold colours and maximum coverage, reviving the 1990’s in Miami.

The collection is now available in H&M across Europe and from Saturday the 19th of November in the USA. Read the latest interview with Donatella Versace HERE

– Gemma Land

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